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In my private sessions, I mix coaching with a profound healing method called Unconditional Love Healing. I guide you to approach each chosen topic from a place of love and acceptance. Tuning into your emotions from this place helps you release stagnant energy and enables you to receive underlying messages from your subconscious mind. It also guides you to powerful answers from within and beautiful shifts in your life.


Each private session is a 45 minute video call.



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Working with Lina has been one of a life experience. I lost myself 3 years ago and I knew that there was nothing wrong with me.


I came to Lina because I felt so insecure in myself. I would blame myself for everything, stay stuck in the same thoughts and double guess myself a lot. I did not know what I wanted and how I was going to get it. I was holding on so much from my past, I did not know how to let those negative thoughts go. I knew I had to find myself, my inner peace, I just didn’t know how, until I came across Lina via Instagram.

At first, my concern about purchasing my sessions was not being able to have the money. I was scared to pay for something that I didn’t know if it was going to help me. I had a fear that I was going to regret it. I’m so happy that I went through with it. I am more than grateful to have had Lina’s support in my life. It was so special because, she lives in the other side of the world and every week she was there for me. She listened to what I had to say, I got so emotional, I got into my feelings and I never thought I was able to do that. I met a side of me that I knew was there and is ready for all the challenges that come my way.

If you feel like you are breaking apart from the inside, but you don’t show it from the outside, you are not alone. It’s up to you if you want to make a difference in your life. The change starts with you. I have learnt to have love and compassion to myself. I know now how to find find relief and in peace within myself. I am so proud of how far I have come and I am loving myself even more because everyday I trust myself more on every situation that life brings me. I recommend Lina to anyone that is struggling to find themselves and to let go of the past, if you are ready I know Lina would be there for you just as she was there for me. She was amazing listener and an amazing guidance. I loved the homework she would give me every week.

I knew there was something beyond unique coming for me and I am still learning everyday thanks to you Lina. Thank you for believing in me and for opening your heart to me. 


"Healing sessions with Lina is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done."

I hesitated for a while and had my doubts about purchasing the healing package. It can be scary to really take action when it comes to dealing with your feelings/issues.

amanda'S STORY

I came to Lina to learn how to process emotions and emotional storms when they hit me. To not just push away difficult feelings. And to work on my anxiety. I saw a therapist a couple of years ago and tried to work on the same issues back then but didn’t feel that it helped me. Just talking about the issues often doesn’t solve them, and might just make us walk in circles.

What Lina did for me was amazing, and has truly changed my life! I learned how to deal with anxiety, and could easier stop my overthinking. I could even stop panic attacks after a couple of sessions with Lina through the techniques from the sessions. I learned how to stop being so afraid of strong feelings, something that has been extremely helpful.

I have been healing things that I now know have been limiting me in my daily life, but didn’t realise until our sessions. I would never have understand how much past experiences influence my life today and what I can do about it without the help from Lina!

I would never have understand how much past experiences influence my life today and what I can do about it without the help from Lina!

Healing sessions with Lina is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done. What is the most important thing we have? What we need to live with every single day? Ourselves! So why not invest in ourselves and our own wellbeing? At first I felt like it was a lot of money, but then I thought about how much I spend on useless things like that new black top that looks exactly like the other ten I already have in my closet.

Why wouldn’t you want to invest those money in yourself and building the life of your dreams instead? I’m so happy I did!

Thank you for changing my life and improving my life quality xxx

amanda, 25

When I came to Lina I was feeling scattered, lost and unsure of pretty much everything. I received a lot of support and love from Lina during the time I worked with her.

brittany'S STORY

I was encouraged to investigate what came up during the session and was able to see the root of what was really bothering me but from a place of love and understanding, to be able to move in a more positive direction. I started off with one session, but felt compelled to continue. Each healing session was beautiful- I felt really encouraged to open up and never felt judged. Lina always had the right thing to say in the moment and never pushed me to go deeper then I was able to. She helped me find clarity and relief, by investigating the WHY in my issues of importance. I felt safe, held, supported and loved in our session.

I would 100% recommend Lina’s services to anyone feeling uncertain about anything in their life. Prepared to have a bright light shine on whatever is going on, but in the most loving and supported way. If something doesn’t feel right, it's probably because something is slightly off. 

We all need/deserve love and guidance from someone who is able to see the whole picture and is able to guide you to see your issue in another light. You will receive clarity in all diverse situations alike.

Lina is extremely professional, and yet her warmth makes you feel so comfortable to really relax and release what is needed to release at time. I never felt pushed or uncomfortable in our session. Thank you for helping me view my issues in a new light and giving me the tools and knowledge to face it! xo


I came to Lina at a turning point in my life.

annie's story

I had tried many modalities before and Lina’s was absolutely the right for this moment. She is a highly intuitive and skilled healer, able to see key insights within each session and issue or point worked on.

Lina held me in each session and assisted getting me over an obstacle to the next refreshing phase of my life. She was showing kindness and great reflection and insight. Deep healing. 

I would highly recommend Lina to anyone seeking true change and wanting a compassionate, smart soul to work with. Lina is a great healer and will help a lot of people I am sure.

Lina has a true gift for healing and manifestation!

sandra's story

I came to her for a ‘tune up’ in life. I was feeling blah, overwhelmed, and experiencing stress in my relationship. 

If you’re looking to seriously shift things in your life sign up to work with Lina! The healing that she does helped me find more love and acceptance for myself. Releasing all the stagnant energy helped me upgrade my vibration. Lina helped me heal things from the past, find joy in my relationship again and even manifest my dream job!! 

I have done lots of healing work in the past but Lina’s straight to the point approach to applying simple tools and techniques helped me to create the shift I was looking for.


Sandra, 31