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With weekly episodes, The Love Theory podcast is one of the best ways to access some of my most valuable free content anywhere at any time! Plus, you get the pleasure of listening to my gorgeous monotonous voice - how delightful!

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Self-Love, Fuckboys & Dating with The Babe Rebellion


How to Deal with Rejection & Overcoming Rejection


Having High Standards in Dating


You Are NOT a Gold-Digger



The Breakup Series

During my recent heartbreak, I was craving to be able to relate to someone and hearing the honest, vulnerable and raw truth about their experience. So, I made sure I shared mine with you!

I know how much it hurts when it feels like your heart is in a million pieces.

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Lina’s honest dialogue recounting her journey navigating through heartbreak and the generals trials of life, love and career has universal resonance for women everywhere and has personally helped me through a tough time with my own heartbreak and feeling unhinged with my own life. She inspires you to be your best self; her talk is motivational and she will help you hold yourself to a higher standard and really teaches you that you simply cannot accept less if you truly want the best for yourself. I recommend this to any chick going through the motions after heartbreak or simply single and wanting to optimise yourself and attract what you truly deserve in life.

- Eastern Subs fan girl

I love love love listening to Lina’s podcasts and if you are a woman on a mission to make positive changes in your life; you will LOVE listening to them too. The topics she covers are very real and relatable experiences that you for sure will have come across in your life. She gives very real advice and examples on how to deal with those experiences, face them, overcome them, how to learn and grow from them.

- Miss. Rachelle. B

Coming in handy right now after my break up Just a couple of months ago. Definitely making me look at it in a different light.

- jbukfiddy

Lina is the absolute queen when it comes to all things Manifestation. She is a wealth of knowledge and I could not recommend her enough. If you want to start living your dream life NOW you’ve got to check this out !!!

- astI marEE

Lina is a no BS girl. Nothing is impossible, and listening to someone in that space makes it impossible to not dream big yourself! Don’t wait, LISTEN NOW.

- Steener101