I haven’t always been an elegant, feminine, self-loving woman…

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me at the nightclub each weekend wearing a little promiscuous party dress and drinking my body weight in alcohol. I would be out looking (or more accurately, hunting) for someone who could make me feel “special” for the night and hoping he would turn out to be the love of my life. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t working. Luckily, that’s history now! journey of transformation from being a basic b*tch: having very little self-respect, low standards & chasing f*ckboys, to blossoming into my most fabulous and classy self, becoming magnetic & manifesting love.


my story

so, allow me to take you through...


a few things i believe

Sometimes what looks like an obstacle in your path is actually a gift meant to move you in a better direction.

The Beginning

I had made the second best move of my life and become an exotic dancer. Why? Because I was sick of living like the average person (because I’m def not your average b*tch) and I needed Chanel, luxe travel and being able to live my most fabulous life filled with all the finer things.

Everyone has an assumption about this line of work but as a dancer, your experience can differ like night and day. Many girls get into bad addiction habits. Others go down the rabbit hole and sacrifice their souls for a couple of bucks. But my experience? It rescued me. Every time I wanted to save myself from getting blackout drunk and making bad decisions, I would book myself in to “the office.” 

My name was Holland when the sun went down. She loved, valued and respected herself. 

She had strict boundaries in place. She could control her drinking, and most nights, she wouldn’t even have one sip. She was a MF queen and the men would bow down to her. It was like those heels gave me magic powers.

The funny thing was that Lina was living completely differently. Deep down I had very little self-respect, didn’t value myself and was always seeking validation from external sources, especially from men, to feel better about myself. Loneliness would make me lower my standards and the lack of self-worth would take me to beds I shouldn’t have been in.

This resulted in me doing things I regretted, which always made me feel even worse about myself than I did in the first place. I started to convince myself that relationships weren’t for me, because I kept attracting all the wrong men.


At the age of 19, I made the best move of my life- relocating to Sydney, Australia by myself from Sweden where I was born and raised. My curiosity and urge for freedom, cash money and excitement led me to a job where my uniform was 7 inch Pleaser heels and a three piece set of gorgeous Agent Provocateur lingerie.


This Was My Story:

I believed that all men were just “the same” - assholes.

I was unintentionally attracting f*ckboys and emotionally unavailable men.

I was a “pick me.” I chased men and desperately wanted to be chosen.

I felt like no one wanted to put in any effort with me. Heck, I could barely ever get a second date.

The men that I was interested in would ghost me, not prioritise me or just wanted to hit and quit.

I was putting up a wall and playing ‘cool’ because I didn’t want to get hurt.

As soon as I saw hope and started to like someone, I found out they were married, engaged or had a girlfriend.   

I could get a man but I struggled to keep a man.


a few things i believe

It all starts with YOU. Before anything can truly and lastingly change in your external world (life), you must first change your internal world.

The Awakening

I was now 24 years old and I had still never been in a serious relationship (WTF! I knew I was a catch?!). As you could imagine, I was giving up hope. Until one day, I heard my intuition clearly say “how will you ever be able to manifest your soulmate if you keep believing that all men are assholes?” So I replaced my limiting beliefs and transformed my mindset. I reinforced boundaries and raised my standards. And that was the start of my spiritual journey, healing and personal transformation.

Fast forward a few months of consistently working on myself and I had manifested my first ever relationship with my soulmate at the time. I had never felt so loved and cherished by a man and no one had ever been so invested and gone out of their way for me before. We had a magical time visiting 13 countries in our first 6 months, travelling the world in first class. We laughed at the same things, shared the same interests and our future dreams were aligned.

PART two

One morning after I wild night out, I woke up next to a strange man (who I wouldn't even touch with a stick) in a hotel room. Luckily, nothing happened but I realised that next time I might not be so lucky. I knew something had to change. I came across a healer and started to see him for support.

With his help, as well as my own internal guidance, I began to love, value and respect myself again. 

 Here’s the most important thing: All change starts with you.

You see, in order to attract better, you first need to become better. The most amazing thing you can do for your future partner is to work on yourself until you meet him. It’s not about trying to date men who aren’t your usual “type,” or meeting someone that lives in another city (because “there are no good men in [insert your city]”). It’s about getting right with yourself first- taking responsibility, transforming within and watching the magic unfold as your external life mirrors that transformation.

As a result of the inner work, so many more of my manifestations came to fruition as well! It safe to say I had done a complete 180 and gone from 0 to 100 real quick.It was insane how my life turned around in such a short period of time. Everyone wanted to know my secret sauce.

In 2018, my baby The Love Theory was born. I have seen and heard stories from so many women who are stuck in the same self-destructive patterns as I was with a negative mindset and lack of self-love.


a few things i believe

Everything happens for a reason. 

The Inner Bloom

Due to the fear of losing my partner, I did end up losing myself instead in the relationship. Choosing to be intentionally celibate after this heartbreak was one of the best decisions of my life (and a significant part of my mission). It was just me, myself & and I for 8 months. My post breakup process was all about returning to myself, blossoming into who I truly am at my essence, and unapologetically owning all of me. I learnt to let go of my masculine ways of being and tapped into my femininity.  My dimmed light started to shine again.

Although going though this enormous heartbreak has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life, I believe it was a big part of my purpose and journey that I had to experience. If I hadn't been through this, how could I help other women though it? Getting out of my relationship led to an insane amount of growth and the next level of my personal transformation (inside and out). 

Today, I have never felt more like myself!

PART three

After a couple of years, my partner and I started to grow apart and I made the decision to walk away from the relationship after a betrayal of trust. Although we are not together anymore, it showed me what is possible - for me and for you once we do the inner work and master the art of manifestation.

This Is My Now:

I reignited my spark- that inner glow and feminine essence.

I know who I am and I stand strong in my values and beliefs. I know exactly what I want in life and I go after it unapologetically!

Leading with my femininity has made me magnetic to men. I solemnly swear I will never chase a man ever again.

I own and embrace every aspect of myself with love. I’m a multifaceted woman who doesn’t need to fit in to a mould. I can be a lady and a legend simultaneously

I forgave my past self, took responsibility for my mistakes and chose to grow from them which gave me an incredible sense of inner peace! 

I stepped into my queen energy only attracting kind, respectful and loving men into my life who are invested in me and see a future together- no more rooting and booting vibes!

I turn inwards and give myself the love, acceptance and validation I need rather than seeking it from external sources!

It is now my mission to help you increase your sense of self-worth, reclaim your power and become your most fabulous
self from the inside out. 

I am obsessed with guiding women through their journey of personal transformation and towards manifesting their best life & the man of their dreams. When you reclaim your power by taking responsibility for doing your part (healing & the rest of the inner work), things truly begin to change.

You will:

Open yourself up to manifesting your dreams & desires
Be able to live your most fabulous life
Feel worthy of all the incredible things in life
Feel the best you’ve ever felt about yourself
Attract a whole new calibre of people and relationships into your life
Live in alignment with who you truly are & what you desire

You don’t have to do this crazy journey alone—let’s do it together. I gotcha, baby!


It’s about time you live your truest expression of yourself, raise your standards and refuse to settle for anything less than what the queen deserves.

i'm so ready ⟶

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.