Mastering an abundance mindset, getting through any difficulties with faith & calmness, and manifesting the best possible outcome.


When you are in a ‘negative’ or challenging situation…

The worry and anxiety take over and you struggle to get out of that headspace?
You tend to focus on the worst-case scenario?
You go into a downward spiral, only seeing problems and obstacles and feeling worse?
You can't help but feeling unsettled, worried and fearful of what the future will bring?
You often dread certain situations before they have even occurred?

If any of this resonates with you, Mindset Magic is made for you and will absolutely transform your life. Even if you already handle most situations well, this masterclass is an amazing reminder, gives you a great boost and provides you with life-changing tools you can use time and time again.

Mindset Magic is for you if you desire to...

Gain a new sense of inner-peace in any challenging situation in life no matter how chaotic everything feels externally!
Get through any 'negative' situation with calmness and faith, trusting that the Universe has your back!
Find opportunities and solutions where you once only saw limitations and obstacles!
Use life's challenges as stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks!
Learn how to turn around any situation to make it work for you so that you can manifest the best possible outcome!
Stay productive, optimistic and be ready to take on the world even during hard times!
Learn to feel excitement for what’s to come, even when you’re in WTF-situations.
Live a transformed life filled with positivity, magic and pure joy!


It's about learning to dance in the rain, instead of waiting for the storm to pass.


Experiencing challenges and difficulties in life is inevitable.

However, how you react and respond to these perceived obstacles are what makes the biggest difference. Most of your stress and anxiety comes from the way you choose to see things, not the way they really are.

Only a few years ago, I very much struggled to get through any challenges in life without stressing myself out completely and almost constantly living in a state of worry, panic and fear not being able to see the light. Until I realised that I was only creating more problems and obstacles because of my negative thoughts, feelings and focus. I was simply causing more harm than good.

Thanks to what I’m about to teach you in Mindset Magic, I stay calm, trusting and hopeful through any challenging times that I face. I have even taught myself to get excited for what’s to come even if it can feel unsettling and uncertain. 

+ so many more examples that I’m sharing with you in Mindset Magic.

In 2017, I came up with the idea to start The Love Theory during a challenging time that luckily managed to change my mindset about.

In 2018, I manifested $20,000 through a two month Airbnb booking a few weeks before a major holiday. I was not yet making an income through my business and had no idea how such big money was going to come in such a short amount of time.

Last year, after my devastating breakup, I created my first ever digital course, travelled to four continents and hosted my first ever live retreat, making the absolute best of the year even though I was heartbroken.

The same year when I was going on my annual two month Europe holiday, I was missing 75% of my budget one week prior to my departure. I made the remaining 75% that week, having absolute faith and trust in the Universe.


The thing is: you can’t control the events that occur in your external world (life), but you can control your internal world (your thoughts, focus, feelings and how you react and respond to things).

 Being in a positive frame of mind invites new possibilities, opportunities, and solutions. It enables you to turn a perceived negative situation to your advantage and manifest the best possible outcome for yourself. All of a sudden, you will be in a better place than you were in previously.

The purpose of this Mindset Magic masterclass is to help you achieve a total mindset transformation by:

Providing you with life-changing info, tips and tools that you can apply to any challenging situation that you face. 
Helping you understand how your internal world affects the outcomes in your life.
Challenging your negative thinking.
Showing you that it’s safe for you to trust and surrender to the Universe.
Teaching you the principles of various Universal Laws that govern our lives. Just like the Law of Gravity keeps every single one of us on the ground, the mindset principles I cover in this class apply to each and every one of us too- whether you believe it or not.

One of the most important and necessary things for our well-being is to have what I call a ‘life toolbox.’ You can think of the life toolbox as an imaginary toolbox that you turn to whenever you are feeling a little low or going though something tough. It’s a collection of resources that you know will shift your vibe and make you feel better.

In Mindset Magic, I provide you with my best ones that I have been turning to for years.


Everyone Needs A Life Toolbox


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1 Hour Audio Class

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Journaling Q's & Exercises

Printable worksheets that will help you to shift your mindset in any difficult situation. These are the most valuable resources that you can add to your life toolbox and whip out whenever you need to.

Phone Screensavers

5 phone screensaves with positive mantras/affirmations & quotes to mind you that everything is unfolding they way it is mean to and to trust the process.



TOTAL valuE: $497


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a pretty good mindset and handle challenging situations well?

Even if you already handle most situations well, this masterclass is a great reminder for how the Universe works. No matter how good our mindset is, we all experience dips sometimes. Listening to the masterclass then will give you a great boost and pull you out of the dip. Additionally, the tools and journaling prompts are EVERYTHING. You can add them to your life toolbox and whip them out whenever. 


Immediately! After you make the payment, the masterclass and work sheets will be emailed to you. All you have to do is to download the course materials and you can start! If you haven’t received an email, please contact me at

how many replays do i have?

You have unlimited replays and the course content is yours to keep for life!

do you offer payment plans?

Please email to request a payment plan.