Is this you right now?

You're sick of still attracting f*ckboys and emotionally unavailable men into your life who don’t want anything serious, when all you want is a loving and fulfilling relationship?

Once you meet someone, you always have to question where you stand with him?  

You're doubting if manifesting your dream man is actually possible for you? Worrying that maybe you’ll be single forever or you'll have to settle for less than you want and deserve?       

You've been “trying” to manifest your soulmate & doing the work but nothing seems to happen?  

Sick of seeing everyone on social media get engaged, when you can barely find any potentials?

You’re not alone. I know exactly how it feels, because I’ve been there.

Manifest Your Soulmate


A 5-module digital course that teaches you not just to manifest your soulmate, but adopt a whole new way of living. You will transform your mindset, learn to love yourself again, become your best self,  and learn all the fundamentals of manifestation so that you can accelerate your process to calling in your true love.


In just a few months, I'll take you from going around in the same circles to freely being able to manifest your soulmate and become your dream self!


Being able to HAPPILY walk away from ANYONE who doesn’t treat you right, with your head held high! 

Only attracting high quality men who respect and value you and make you feel amazing. The fckboys are gone for good!

Being so focused on what you want and deserve that it’s easy say “no” to anything that doesn’t measure up to your standards! Refusing to settle has become a given.

Feeling comfortable and happy on your own, knowing that you can give yourself everything you want and need FIRST.

Feeling confident and happy with who you are. Loving yourself, embodying your inner queen and being your best self.  

In a soulmate relationship with the man of your dreams that's everything you've ever wished for and beyond!    

Until then, enjoying single life to the fullest; meeting incredible people, living a life full of adventure and having the time of your life!  

Living with a mindset that allows you to find solutions in every "negative" situation, turn perceived obstacles into opportunities, and knowing that you can peacefully get through any difficulties in life! 

Living the life you've always dreamt of living because you’re a fcking manifestation queen with high standards who refuses to settle, and the Universe delivers accordingly.

this course is for you if...

Learning the Universal Laws will set you up to a completely new way of living and take your manifestation powers to the next level!

1. You feel like you’re the only one who struggles in the love department…and everyone else just seems to have it all figured out.  You’re getting frustrated with all the engagements, weddings, and babies all over your social media, when here you are still not even close to have found the one.  

2. You keep attracting f*ckboy after f*ckboy. You meet someone you like, you get your hopes up, things seem to be going well, you start planning your future together in your head, you tell your friends about him and then… NEVER MIND. He’s either ghosted you, said he doesn’t want to be in a relationship or you find out that he has found someone else. Every guy that comes into your life almost feels like the same person in different bodies.  

3. You always have to question where you stand. He gives you mixed signals. He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but you keep seeing him anyway. He doesn’t give you what you need. He doesn’t fully make you feel how you want to feel in a relationship. It’s more like a situationship and you keep waiting for him to take it to the next level. To commit to you. But it doesn’t seem to happen…  

4. You worry that you are going to be single forever. To have manifested your soulmate and finally living this dream feels so out of reach. You wonder where to find the right men; what places, what dating apps, what city? You don’t believe that you can find someone in [insert your city]. You’re worried you’ll be single forever or that you have to settle for less than you want and deserve. You start feeling hopeless because you feel like you’ve tried everything.  

5. You sleep with guys from a place of loneliness and filling a void. You look for the quick fix. You love the validation and (fake) intimacy you get for a night, but after that you feel even more empty. Especially when you don’t hear from him or when things don’t progress. You tend to attract men who just reach out late at night and want to put in minimal effort to keep you around.

This transformational journey includes...

Accessing the same life changing tools, mindset hacks & practices I used in order to manifest my soulmate and everything else that I've called into my life!   

Learning how to master 15 important Universal Laws that govern every second if your life and how to apply them so that you can intentionally manifest your soulmate, ideal relationship & dream life. 

Speeding up your soulmate manifestation process! You’ll save a HELLA lotta time (and energy), because you won’t have to work it all out on your own. Every step of the process is shared with you.    

Understanding why things haven't worked for you in the past, what you’ve missed so far, what laws you’ve neglected and what needs to be implemented! Things will make sense now. So much f*cking sense!

Creating a solid foundation that is required for a healthy, loving and lasting relationship. We focus on self-love, setting high standards, and realising how much value you bring! I guide you to grow into your best & dream self. You'll be amazed by the people you attract into your life from this place and the magical relaionships you'll form!

The deep inner work you'll be doing will positively change every area of your life and your overall happiness. You will become a fcking manifestation queen by applying the principles of these laws to any other manifestations too!

yes, i'm so ready! ⟶

I often hear, "I've tried everything, but nothing seems to happen."

First of all, “trying” will not manifest you anything. It’s about flow and ease, which I will tell you all about! 

Secondly, the LoA works TOGETHER with the other Universal laws.   It does’t matter how well you know the LoA if you're not living by the principles of the other laws.     

Most people KNOW about the LoA, but they don’t actually APPLY it. 
Knowledge is nothing without implementation. 


If you don’t know me yet, I’m Lina Ragan.

Not that long ago I was stuck in what felt like a f*ckboy hamster wheel. 

I had been single my whole life. NEVER had a serious relationship. I couldn’t help but only attract men who were emotionally unavailable, men who would root and boot and a lot of the time end up ghosting me or letting me know that they’re seeing someone else.   

This had become the story of my effing life!  I was really settling. Settling for guys who wanted the cake and to eat it too.  

Waiting for them to want to be with me.  “Maybe in a month he will realise how amazing I am and then he will want to be in a relationship.”   

I didn’t have any boundaries in place so the “relationship” was always on their terms.   

I always felt like an option. No one ever made an effort.     

I thought to myself,  “I know I’m a catch. Why can no one see it? What am I doing wrong?  Why does nobody want anything serious with me?”   

It took me YEARS, and a lot of  effort, trial and error to work out the soulmate manifestation process. I got the  proven steps AND I got the experience.

I decided I was going to “do it like a dude.” Keep it casual without even wanting to be in a relationship.   

The quick fix of being with someone for the night and hoping they would reach out the next day led me to feeling even more empty. I put up a wall and became emotionally unavailable myself.   

There was a huge disconnect because deep down, on a subconscious level, I truly just wanted to be loved and be in a loving relationship with my soulmate.   But on a conscious level I convinced myself that doing my thing was empowering and what I wanted.   

Because sometimes that lust would feel like love,  just for a hot minute.   
Most of the time when I would meet someone I saw potential in, I found out they had a partner already. “Why are all men such assholes and cheaters? I’m going to be single forever.”   

This story went on repeat in my mind for years.   

Until one day...   My intuition said “How could you ever manifest your soulmate & dream man if you just keep talking about how horrible men are?”  

It was strange because I had never received such a clear message fro within before.   All of a sudden, things started to change. A series of events led to me starting to see a healer.   

With his help, I took myself through a process of healing, self-love, forgiveness and immersed myself in self-help and personal growth, aka the inner work...

 I allowed my intuition to guide me, and in hind sight, I realised that I had applied principles that the Universal Laws without even realising it at the time. It took me a lot of time and effort, trial and error to work it all out.     

But I finally did, and I manifested my first true love who was dream man at the time. So much in this relationship was beyond my wildest dreams.   

There was so much love, affection, playfulness and joy.  I manifested exactly what I had asked for. I manifested an amazing man who treated me like a princess and that made me feel like the only girl in the world. Our future dreams aligned, we loved the same things and we had fun no matter what we did.    

As a result of the inner work, I opened myself up to receive more of my dreams! In the first 6 months we visited 12 countries together, flying first class around the world and exploring beautiful places.  Although we are no longer together,  this has shown me what is possible for me, and you, once we do the inner work.


Even though I didn’t know the practical steps of the soulmate manifestation process as I was going through it, it now has been proven and confirmed by the Universal Laws.     

...I let the Universe guide me to what I needed to do in order to learn to love myself again, increase my sense of self-worth and manifest my soulmate.       

I’ve manifested it once, and I WILL manifest it again.

sign me up! ⟶

If I can do it, so can you (according to two of the laws I'm covering)!

The Universal Laws apply to us all. They work for us all. The Law of Gravity keeps us all on the ground,
not just some of us. It’s the same with every other law.   

I got the proven steps AND I got the experience. You can have anything you want. And yes, it is possible for you too!  

Now, it’s my absolute joy and mission to help you manifest YOUR soulmate & ideal relationship!

This is not just another digital course, this is a new way of living!

This journey starts with five SELF-PACED moduleS:


Knowing What You Want & Setting High Standards

Intention setting
Establish a clear relationship vision 
Setting high standards 
Knowing what you have to offer and how much value you're bringing to the relationship 
Becoming your dream self and a vibrational match for your dream partner 



Self-love & Embodying Your Inner Queen

Discovering and removing your manifestation blockages & limiting beliefs
Creating a new story to live by
Learning to love yourself 
Understanding the foundation of self-love
How to deal with your emotions 
Embodying your inner queen 
Setting boundaries
Learning how to use the masculine and feminine energies in your soulmate manifestation process 
Tapping into your feminine energy to attract your dream partner

MODULE three

Mindset Makeover

Develop a positive mindset (for every area of your life)
Learn how your thoughts and feelings determine your entire life, and how to use them to get the desired results
Change your perspective and navigate through any negative situation
Use life's challenges as stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks
Learn how to turn around any situation to make it work for you
How to stop self-sabotaging relationships
Ditch the same old destructive patterns that stand in your way 



Living Your Best Single Life

Crystal clarity on who your soulmate is, why you haven't been able to manifest him yet + how to surrender to your manifestation
Learning my one secret trick that has worked EFFORTLESSLY for EVERY single one of my manifestations
Forgiveness: forgiving your past self and every one who has hurt you in order to make room energetically for your desires
Shifting from feeling jealous to feeling happy for others



Releasing the Old & Calling in the New

Clearing stagnant energies from past sexual partners. 
Learning how to use sexual transmutation of energy and sex magic to manifest your desires. 
Getting into alignment with your dream self and your new upleveled life. 
Learning what kind of action to take and what kind of action that pushes your soulmate away. 
How to trust the Universe

Plus, these bonuses:

Guided meditations and audio practices with each module to help you get into alignment.  
Access to the (private Facebook group) where you can ask me questions and connect with the
other women who are also doing the course.
A copy of my workbook Kiss Your Limiting Beliefs Goodbye


Enjoy five x 50+ minute audio teaching modules at your own pace, though we recommend one module weekly/biweekly to properly embrace the journey.

You will be given access to the intro immediately upon enrollment and receive Module One the following day. The following modules will be delivered to you on a week-by-week basis.  

You have all course content for life.  

You have completely unlimited replays and lifetime updates!    

Let's Do This!


Pay $1,297 and SAVE!


5 x $333

Pay $333/month!








Frequently Asked Questions

I need help in the love department but i don't believe in soulmates. will that be an issue?

Not at all! "Soulmate" is just the term I like to use. The exact same principles apply whether you are manifesting what you'd like to call a dream partner, long term boyfriend, true love, husband, etc.

WHEN CAN I START the course?

Immediately! After you make the payment, you will receive an email with the intro material, and the following day Module One. The following modules will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

 If you haven’t received an email upon enrolment, please contact me at, but make sure to check your spam/promo/junk folder first.

how many replays do i have?

You have unlimited replays and the course content is yours to keep for life!

do you offer payment plans?

Yes! 5 monthly payments of US$333.