I Was 34 and Divorced For 5 Years When I Met My Love

When I met my love, I had been divorced for 5 years and I was 34 years old. My first marriage was not what I had dreamed the rest of my life would look like, and I knew that at the altar.

After our marriage ended, I decided that I would never pick wrong again.

This gave me a great sense of freedom. For 5 years I worked on myself and by the time I met my husband I was very comfortable with being alone. I was still open to meeting someone, but it didn’t consume me. I didn’t know if true love existed and was afraid of “settling” for something less than what I wanted or deserved. 

Where we live we have something called the Calgary Stampede. It’s a 10-day party and rodeo that takes over the entire city. There are lots of stories of people meeting “briefly” during this time, and it’s not often that relationships actually last. When I met my husband we were at a private event and we casually started chatting, which happens a lot at these events. We ended up talking for the entire night and during this time a random woman walked up to us and said: “I don’t know how long you have known each other, but you belong together”. This has happened to us multiple times in our time together. Needles to say, I knew immediately that he was the one and the rest is history. I don’t know how I knew, but my gut told me it was right. We have been together for 7 years, have two beautiful children, and get along as well as we did when we met (most of the time). 

If I could say a few words of advice and/or encouragement to my younger self, I would say:

DO. NOT. SETTLE. My dad told me this for my whole life, and I didn’t listen. Listen to your gut and NEVER settle for something you don’t want. 

Brooke, 41 | Alberta, Canada

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