I Met My Partner On Tinder!

“I set my intention on the long-term companionship I craved.”

I was coming out of a recent breakup, so my fears were none — in fact, I became fearless, buoyed by being fed up with dating apps. So I set my intention on the long-term companionship I craved. Didn’t have to lead to marriage, but I definitely wanted a partner, and set my intentions on that.

We met on Tinder! Chatted for a few days, during which I almost gave up on him, but he referenced Star Wars, which is LIFE to me, and we kept talking and bonding. Ours has always been a long-distance thing, even now that we’re married (just till July 2020), so we never have seen each other much more than twice a week, yet we still managed to travel, date well and deepen our connection. After about a year of dating, he proposed, and we married on Valentine’s Day 2020!

NEVER chase a man. If he wants you, he’ll get it together and come for you.

Farah, 46 | Seoul, Korea

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