Do Not Settle- You Set the Bar

I had been single for 5 years or thereabouts before I met him. I had been living in Australia for four years after leaving the UK. I was that woman that could do it all herself. I was a self employed stripper, working where I wanted, and seeing the world when I wanted, travelling alone to some of the most dangerous countries Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa. I was the typical independent lady. I was totally okay with being single apart from….seeing couples, being around couples, doing things with couples, anything to do with couples.

I would fantasise about my dream man… And my fantasies did not hold back. Everything you can imagine about the ONE, the dream boy, the knight in shining armour, prince charming. They had them all and this left me feeling at 28 that I would never find him.

It had been a long time and I mean a LONG time since I found someone this attractive I was hooked the moment we met. I remember being so turned on by his thunder thighs. YES, his thighs!! 

I remember our early conversations. There was no holding back my weird ways and neither did he. He had them in bucket loads. 

We were inseparable from the get go.

The sex…. girlllll THE SEX was AMAZING!

He was everything I imagined/fantasies and dreamed about! 

We have now been together for 3 years, and look, I’m not still riding a unicorn over a rainbow but we are good – actually no, we are more than good. We’re fucking great. 

When I was single I would puke a little in my mouth when I would hear couples say “he’s my best friend and we do everything together”…… Arghhhh I have turned into them. He is my best friend & we haven’t spent a night away from each other for 3 years. Jeez, my single self would be feeling very ill right now. 

I feel that in my past life, I did some special things as I haven’t done anything to deserve him in this life. 

To you and my younger self, I would like to say…

Single woman, he’s out there. You will meet him. Do not settle! You set the bar.

You deserve that Disney love x 

Kellyanne, 31 | Sydney, Aus

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