How to get out of a LOW vibe state and into a HIGH one

 We can’t avoid low vibe states all the time – there will always be circumstances outside of our control, and that’s simply a part of life. But that doesn’t mean we need to stay in those low vibe states for longer than we have to.

I experienced perhaps my lowest vibe state since my breakup five months ago, and it got me thinking about how I can pull myself out of that rut and into a warmer, happier, higher vibing place. Life goes on, and it’s important to have a toolbox of techniques you can use to prepare for life’s curveballs when you’re not feeling at the top of your game.


As humans, we crave connection, and the most straightforward way to obtain this is to share your feelings with others. Whether it’s a one on one conversation with a friend, or a simple ‘hey, I’m not feeling so good’ as a public musing, you open the doors for people around you to respond with empathy. By allowing yourself to unload your thoughts and feelings, you can take a moment to step out of the situation and observe yourself, gaining new insight and perspective on your situation. You can release tension you may not even have realized you were holding onto, and feel lighter and clearer moving forward.


When I feel anxious, I always try to turn to my journal and write out my thoughts. There’s a really peaceful element to journaling that can help to reduce anxiety, and again allow you space to breathe and observe your own emotions. You can try tracking your mood or asking yourself questions, and in turn this can help you to organize your thoughts. We think 60,000 thoughts every single day – isn’t that crazy? Putting pen to paper can help us to simplify and mentally sort through what’s important and what isn’t.

A lot of the time, we also unconsciously assume the worst outcome and this can put so much unnecessary stress on us – whereas the likelihood of the worst-case scenario actually happening might only be 10%. Journaling can help us by bringing us back down to earth, and reminding us to take a more realistic approach.

Some great journaling questions I like to ask myself are:

  • What emotions am I feeling today?

  • What is making me feel low today?

  • Why am I not happy?

  • What thoughts are just assumptions of how things may turn out, but probably won’t?


Our thoughts determine how we feel, so by asking ourselves what the best-case scenario is, we can begin to reframe our mental state. By focusing on ideal outcomes we can empower ourselves and find our high vibe state again.

Affirmations are great for this – it’s important that they feel good to you, and roll off the tongue easily. Always make sure they’re in present tense for the full effect!

Here are some great affirmations below;

  • I choose to trust that I’m exactly where I need to be right now

  • Every day I find new ways to feel better

  • I take loving care of my mind, body and soul

  • I forgive myself for judging myself for how I’m feeling

  • I choose to feel amazing!



Physical exercise is just as beneficial for the brain as it is for the body, and according to research can reduce anxiety and depression, improve your mood, boost your self-esteem, minimize stress and more.

I went for an 11km walk recently which helped me to take some time for myself and really enjoy my own company. You can also try dancing – try putting on a song and just jumping around and singing. How can you be in a bad mood after that?! It might sound silly and it can be hard to get started when you’re feeling low, but if you push through the results can be incredible.

When you’re feeling low, you don’t want to move, and when you don’t move you just feel worse – it becomes a vicious cycle. At the end of the day, do whatever feels good to you. Maybe it’s dancing, walking, or going to the gym – it doesn’t matter just so long as you are getting that movement in somehow.


Do little things that make a big difference. The other night I ran a bubble bath with some Epsom salts, used some lavender and other essential oils and allowed myself to just relax. If I’m working, I love lighting incense and candles, putting my crystals out, maybe doing some saging or having a nice cup of tea. When I cook, I like to have a glass of red wine and light some candles and play some jazz music. These are all little things, but they can completely transform what might normally be a mundane experience.


For some, this might mean staying away from alcohol and other bad habits, staying home instead of going out clubbing, or just generally avoiding people who suppress your vibe. It’s important to stay away from people whose energy you aren’t vibing with, and especially those who aren’t showing you compassion or dismiss what you’re feeling.

Always surround yourself with good people, and engage in activities that will make you feel better rather than contribute to your lower vibe state. Replace low vibe activities with listening to uplifting podcasts and YouTube videos – even watching standup comedy specials on Netflix to help boost your mood.


Tony Robbins always says, ‘the secret to living is giving’. Research shows that the more you give to others, the happier you are – and you feel the benefits immediately. When you’re feeling down, helping those less fortunate will help you feel way better.

When we are in a low vibe state, we are only focusing on ourselves – so when we turn our attention outwards, it makes it harder to feel sadness, anger, depression and anxiety. It’s all about giving without expecting anything in return, and not out of obligation (which builds resentment) but out of a genuine desire to give.

Giving can be about giving your time, advice, and attention – like listening to someone, smiling to someone on the street or sending love out to the universe. Shifting your focus outward to helping others can completely change how you feel – there’s no better feeling than seeing someone appreciate your goodwill.

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