How to achieve a healthy mindset with this one tip

On a recent podcast episode, I shared that I had an opportunity to move to a different country and work. At the time I didn’t want to reveal too much as it was not confirmed, so I kept it at that. I am now able to share that I was going to move to Singapore and work at the opening of a famous nightclub there.

Everything felt perfectly aligned. The perfect thing to do after my breakup, and working a few nights a week would allow me to still work on TLT during the day. I would have been flown over and my accommodation would paid for. I would have been able to experience all the fabulousness Singapore has to offer. You can imagine how excited I was.

As I moved out of my place after the breakup I even packed a suitcase for in preparation for it. For 5 weeks I’ve been waiting for a response. I ended up reaching out to a few people and finally got a response back that it’s not happening.

A few years ago I would have let this ruin my week. I would have been upset, angry, sad, called a bunch of friends to complain. But thanks to my mindset work, and the way I’ve trained myself to react when stuff doesn’t turn out as expected or how I want, I’m so fucking fine with it. It doesn’t bother me at all. The meaning we attach to events, circumstances and situations is what determines how we feel about it. I have taught myself to ALWAYS see things from a positive perspective. 


4 Phrases I always repeat

  • Everything happens for a reason.

  • Something even better is coming my way.

  • I trust that the Universe operates for my highest good.

  • Whatever happens is what’s meant to be.


Instead of dwelling on the fact I can’t go, I choose to focus on what’s positive about not going. 

  1. It’s fall in Sydney, leading into winter. There will be ZERO distractions and can focus on really creating valuable products and services for TLT.

  2. It will give me an opportunity to heal properly from my break-up here, where I live without any distractions, without running away, so I’m able to heal quicker, rather than suppressing it when being away.

  3. I have my cocktail waitressing job on the side that’s allowing me to save money.

The moment my mindset changed my life

At the time, I was in my relationship with my ex. He had a bucks party trip coming up in October, and whenever I thought about it, it would make me feel sick knowing that he was going to South America for almost 2 weeks. And on top of that, for a bucks party. I knew I had to change my perspective around it, otherwise I would be a pshyco bitch for 2 weeks. I’m normally a really chill person, so this would have been a difficult time. Whatever happens in South America, is so far out of my control. I can either choose to think positive thoughts, which will cultivate positive feelings around this or I can fuck myself up by just worrying and thinking negative thoughts.

So I was affirming that I can never control other people. I choose to let go of what I can’t control, and choose to be responsible for what I choose to think.

What were the positives about him going away?

  1. I would have a shit load of time to work on myself where I am able to do my exercises, rituals, and spend quality solo time on my own.
  2. Catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while
  3. Have the whole bed to myself and my place clean AF.

The list went on, but the most important part was that I was able to have lots of time for personal development.

When October came around, there was no part of me that was anxious, instead I felt excited! That’s how much I had turned my mindset around. At this stage, I didn’t have TLT. I had actually quit dancing to do something else, but i did not know what I was going to do. I had another business at the time, however I came to the realisation while my ex was away I was going to ditch the other biz and become a coach!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT. By the time he got back I had enrolled into coaching school, and he noticed the difference in me straight away. He was like “wow what happened when I was gone. your energy is so different”. Could you imagine how those weeks would have been if I wouldn’t changed my mindset and perspective around it? Two fucking weeks from hell, I’ll tell ya that. I can guarantee it would have aged me 30 years.

Remember, sometimes the things you think you want, end up not being what you want after you get it. Or something you thought you’d enjoy, you didn’t end up enjoying. Sometimes we just create this whole fantasy, dream or image in our head. We feel so certain about it. We want it. Trust that the Universe has a better plan for you. A more suitable plan. At least for this moment. 


  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Something even better is coming my way.
  • I trust that the Universe operates for my highest good.

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