How to Meet Good Quality Men

Have you been trying to figure out where you can meet good quality men? Wondering where the hell they are and why there is no sign of them? Maybe you’ve also been hung up on how you will meet your future Prince Charming? And wondering when this deep desire of yours is finally going to manifest?

Unfortunately, there is no secret hide out spot for good quality men. I wish there was so I could go hunt them all down and become a match maker! According to the Universal laws, one of them being the Law of Attraction and the other one being the Law of Correspondence, you attract experiences and people into your life that match your dominant beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Like attracts like, and what you focus on, you bring into your life. For example, if you complain about that all men are assholes (like I used to do) no matter where you go, you’ll find assholes. Even in church. Whereas if you truly believe that there are many amazing men out there, and start affirming,

“Everywhere I go, I meet the most amazing and respectful men,”

then you are opening up yourself to meet good quality men anywhere the wind takes you.

I mean, my partner Andrew and I met on a boat party in Sydney Harbour, and most guys at Sydney boat parties are Peter Pans or more like Mr Right Now than Mr Right. So the point is, how you feel internally manifests itself in your external world. There is always an exception, not everyone at a Sydney boat party is going to be a f*ckboy, and not every man in a church is going to be a saint. So in order to change any external circumstances, you need to start by changing internally. 

Also, in order to manifest your soulmate, you must be done looking for him. I’m telling you, stop hunting. For the Universe, timing is not a thing. In theory, it’s just as easy to manifest your soulmate tomorrow as it is to manifest him in 2 years. As soon as you ask the Universe for your desire, it’s given to you. The harder part is being in alignment and allowing yourself to receive your desire. Your dream man manifestation will come to fruition when you’re a vibrational match to it. Whether it’s next week or next year depends on you. You’re a vibrational match to your dream man when your dominant feelings are the same that you would feel being in a relationship with him. In other words, that makes you being in alignment. You’re a vibrational match when you BELIEVE that you can have your desire and when you are confident that it’s already given to you. And finally, when you completely surrender to the Universe, and let go of how, when, and where you are going to meet him. 

When you are thinking thoughts like…

Where is he? Should I be on this dating app?

Where can I meet good quality men?

Where am I possibly going to meet my dream man?

And how is this going to happen?

You are focusing on lack. You are focusing on lack because if you are looking for him, it means that you don’t have him yet, when it’s your job to believe that you do.

If you are desperately searching for your soulmate, you are simply not ready yet. When you are searching, looking, hunting, and feel a need to manifest him soon, there’s a piece missing. What is it that your chasing? What feelings do you believe that being with your soulmate is going to bring you, hat you don’t feel now? It’s your job is to give yourself those feelings first. And when you do, the desperation and need goes away. You’re no longer looking for someone to fill a void. You want your soulmate to be the best version of himself, right? If you are not yet your current best version of yourself, the person that the Universe matches you up with, is not going to be your soulmate. The person will be someone who matches your energetic vibration of filling a void and a need that you haven’t filled yourself. That’s not gonna work long term. Instead, give yourself some more time to increase your level of self-love and self-worth. Have fun!!

You will start enjoying the journey, and you will surrender to the timing. Letting the Universe work it’s magic. Your job is to trust and allow the Universe to help you. I was driving myself crazy with my man hun. I was tried, needed a night in, but would go out partying because “what if I meet my soulmate tonight. In the fucking nightclub.” I would go on a second date even though I had 0 interest, because I was trying to force a connection that wasn’t there. I just wanted to be in a relationship so bad! I was on dating apps even though I HATED them. I was forcing everything. I wasn’t going with the flow at all, just against it. I was only putting desperate as f*ck energy out there that could be smelled from miles away. How sexy is that? 

In October 2016, I set the intention to have the most fun I possibly could as a single woman. By believing it will be the last time I’m single, helped me enjoy it even more. I just wanted to do me, say yes more, go on random adventures and travel. The intention with everything I did was FUN. I completely surrendered and stopped looking. I even had so much fun that I wasn’t even sure I wanted a boyfriend anymore. I loved being single more than ever before. And of course, a month later I first met Andrew. Our mutual friend said “Andrew is great if you want to have fun and travel, but don’t expect anything serious with him.” To me, it sounded perfect and exactly what I wanted. And here we are two years later! If I would have been searching for a boyfriend desperately and been super serious about it, it might have not turned out the same way.

Intention setting is more powerful than you think. This was a huge shift for me. I invite you to ask yourself:

What can I do to make the most of being single and enjoy it more than ever before?

Write a single gal bucket list/intention list! 

I also want to encourage you to shift your focus. Are you focusing on all the bad dates, all the things men have done wrong to you, and how horrible they can be, or are you focusing on the fun dates, all the amazing experiences you’ve had with previous partners or on recent dates, and how incredible it can be being with someone who loves and treasures you? Remember what I said earlier, you attract what you focus on. So if you’re focusing too much on the negatives when it comes to dating and being single, you’re going to attract more negative experiences. Have you had one good date our of 10? Focus/talk about that. Even though you went on a date with someone who you can’t see yourself with, what good qualities did he have? What you choose to focus on is totally up to you, so choose wisely!

Changing my beliefs, thoughts and feelings surrounding men and relationships was the most significant step in my soulmate manifestation journey! It’s a HUGE part of the manifestation process that so many people are unaware of. Your limiting beliefs may be the LAST thing standing in the way of your dream of being with your (close to) perfect partner becoming a reality! What if you’re just one step away from that manifesting itself?

I felt called to write my workbook “Kiss Your Limiting Beliefs Goodbye” to help you with exactly that- replacing all your limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your dreams and desires! In this workbook, I share with you everything you need to know about how your beliefs were formed in the first place, how to identify them and at the end, I guide you through the exact same process that I use to replace any my own bullshit beliefs! It works like magic and allowed me to manifest so many incredible things into my life. You see, you manifest what you believe. So make sure that your beliefs match your desires!

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