How to Trust & Communicate with The Universe

This morning I woke up feeling anxious, confused and uncertain about things. I decided to turn to my angels and do a little angel card reading for myself. As I was shuffling the deck, a few cards fell out which means that they bring significant messages that you need to hear. And OH. MY. GOD! The cards were so effing on point that it was like their descriptions were written for me and my situation.  All four cards covered each area I felt confused about and the messages were just so clear. I had goosebumps and it made me feel so safe, guided, supported and protected. I know that amazing things are coming my way and that I have nothing to worry about!


Trusting the Universe is super important because:

  • It helps you stay peaceful, positive and calm when you feel like things are falling apart, whether it’s losing a job, facing sickness or going through a breakup. Remember that things happen FOR you, not TO you.
  • It helps you surrender and trust that the Universe is brining your manifestations and whatever is best for you, to you. You can sit back, relax and let the Universe work its magic without you interfering with it and delaying it. And sometimes good things need to fall apart, so that even better things can come together! Even if you can’t see it yet.
  • It helps you feel protected and safe. Knowing that there’s a higher power watching over you and that you’re not alone.
  • And in general, just knowing that you’re always being guided and supported. Having that sense of safety by communicating with a higher power that only has your best interest at heart. It already knows things that you have no idea about.

Many people struggle finding that trust. Trust in the Universe comes from communicating with it. Because when you communicate, it’s when you deepen your connection. A deeper connection leads to more trust.


Communicate With the Universe

I started to communicate with the universe when I read “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. I HIGHLY recommend it and it’s one of the most helpful and amazing books that I’ve read. So you should definitely get it! In the book, Gabby talks about having a Universal sign. Every time you see it, you’re being guided, supported and you know you’re in the right place. She tells a story about how she and her hubby were house hunting and they came across a house that she knew would be theirs because she saw a painting of an owl. An owl is her universal sign. It’s the ultimate way to gain a sense of peace. 

Your Universal Sign

So how do you know what your universal sign is? Well, you just choose it! It can be an object, a word, an animal, a flower, a number, even a song. Literally anything! Mine is angel wings. You can ask for your sign any time you are struggling to make a decision, if you want reassurance or if you just want to feel the presence of your angels and that they are here for you. You can say “Dear Universe, please show me my sign within the next hour if I should say “yes” to [blank],” or “Please show me my sign if I’m on the right path,” etc. You can ask anything and the Universe will always respond.

Card Deck

Another way to find trust and communicate with the Universe is what I was doing this morning- through a card deck with messages from the angels. Doreen Virtue has really good ones for beginners. They come with a little booklet that shows how you can lay out the cards and it also have more detailed descriptions of each angel message. When you use angel card decks, it’s also important to pay attention to your intuition and the messages that come from within as you pull out the cards and read them. Your angels and the rest of the Universe communicate with you through your intuition. That’s why it’s so important to listen and trust your gut feels. If you have a think, I’m sure you’d be able to come up with a situation when you listened to your inner voice, and something incredible happened. Or the other way around, when you ignored it and something unpleasant happened.  So make sure you always listen to your intuition!

Angel Numbers

Another common way to feel the presence of your angels, which most people are already super familiar with, is through angel numbers. Angel numbers are usually a sequence of the same repeated numbers, such as 111, 1111, 222, 888, 911, 711, and so on. Each number sequence holds a message from the angels. I usually google and read the meaning at

Inner Messages

Sometimes we block ourselves from hearing our inner messages. If your mind is too busy and there’s too much going on up there, you  will not hear the Universe speaking to you. The majority of us are always so busy doing, doing, doing, that we simply forget to BE. Or feel guilty just being. But it’s super important to be able to disconnect and turn inwards. Start putting away your phone more often, and just enjoy the present moment of where you are, rather than constantly being busy look at what others are doing. A lot of the time we also look for answers outside of ourselves, when we truly have the answers within. That’s why I love coaching. Coaching is about asking the client questions because as a coach, you believe that your client knows what’s best for her and that she has all the answers within herself. Sometimes you just need to be asked the right questions!

Quieten Your Mind

I highly recommend activities that help quieten your mind or help you turn inwards such as meditation and yoga. Personally, I’m a huge fan of yin yoga! Like, HUGE. I actually only do yin yoga out of all yoga practise. It’s an amazing way for me to relax and disconnect. I have a lot of messages and ideas come through in yin.  I also highly suggest keeping your phone in a different room when you sleep. And no, I don’t buy the excuse of needing the alarm clock app. There’s plenty old school NOKIA phones you can get that are like $30. There should also be a lot of modern alarm clocks that you can count on! Sleeping away from your phone really allows you to lay with your thoughts and stay disconnected before going to sleep and after waking up. Rather than start scrolling through instagram first thing. I haven’t slept with my phone in the same room/near me for over 1.5 years now! It’s f*cking fabulous, you should try!

Trust The Universe

These are a just a few ways to strengthen your trust and communication with the universe! Remember to stay consistent and do it on a regular basis. The more you show up for yourself, the more the Universe shows up for you. Something you can do now is to write a list of all the times you’ve felt supported and guided by the Universe, and also all the times the Universe has earned your trust. It can be instances of unexpected money coming your way, or you being blessed in other ways with people helping you, maybe a turning point in life that lead to something amazing. Any manifestation that came to fruition. If you can’t come up with any yourself, just have a look around and get inspired with how much the Universe has helped others, and that that’s available to you as well.

It’s so funny because the Universe has never let me down, and I have manifested SOOOO many things, but I can still have moments of doubt and lack of trust. That’s why it’s important to communicate on a regular basis, like it’s your BFF! The Universe is literally your BFF who is always with you and who you never get tired of #friendshipgoals. Remember that Trust is built over time. The more you ask for guidance and support, the more results you are going to get. The more results you get, the more you’ll trust the Universe. What goes hand in hand with this is a positive mindset and expecting the best outcome. But that will also get easier once you feel the presence of a higher power on a regular basis. Eventually, you will feel so supported that you can make any scary decision for your highest good, knowing that the Universe always has your back.

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