3 common blocks in the soulmate manifestation process

When it comes to the soulmate manifestation process, there are three really common mistakes I see women make. Let’s talk about them!

1. Contradicting beliefs

One of the most common blocks I see women face is contradicting beliefs about what they desire to manifest. The bottom line is, you manifest what you believe to be true. Your external world (your life) is a reflection of your internal world. Your dominant beliefs and thoughts focus on your feelings. Let’s discuss with an example;

Let’s say that you want to manifest your soulmate, but you don’t believe you’re worthy of love. You believe that all men are cheaters and liars, that you will find no men in your city, that they’re all assholes, and if you do meet someone who you really like – it’s just too good to be true. All of those beliefs completely contradict your desires. So, if you manifest what you believe to be true, you will just stay in this vicious cycle of manifesting these same kind of experiences. You will keep manifesting the same type of person in different bodies, because you haven’t changed your belief. You haven’t changed your thoughts, your focus or your feelings, or even how you speak about men, love and relationships. 

That’s why it’s really important that you take notice of your thoughts and beliefs, and take ownership of their power to manifest. You will always manifest what you’re a vibrational match for; when your thoughts, focus, feelings and language align with your desire, that is when you will start to see a change.  Try to focus on all the good things – think to yourself about how “there’s so many amazing men out there” instead of focusing on the assholes from your past experiences. When you change your internal world and work on becoming a better version of yourself and loving yourself, you will manifest and attract a completely different caliber of men. You need to remember that your past experiences are completely irrelevant to your future, you’re at a different stage in life now.

Let’s say you go on a date and it didn’t work out, the person just wasn’t for you. Why not mention what you liked about him, instead of mentioning what was bad? “He wasn’t for me but I did really like his sense of humour”, “I did like that he was a gentleman and I did like his eyes”, for example. From there, it’s about believing that you are worthy and that you deserve mad, passionate, beautiful, amazing love. You must believe that it is possible for you to manifest it, that there are good men out there, and visualise them being drawn to you.  See how different this vibration is?! It completely changes everything, this is what you need to be doing! Through focusing on the positives with self-awareness, you are able to change your thoughts, feelings and all of these internal elements – which then change what you manifest externally.

This is why I wrote my book. I wrote my workbook ‘Kiss Your Limiting Beliefs Goodbye’ because I see how common this problem is, and how not many people are aware of it. In it, I take you through my 10-step process of replacing your limiting beliefs – because beliefs can’t be removed that easily, they need to be replaced. I show you how you can reprogram your subconscious mind, because in order to make any changes you must make them on a subconscious level first.

2. Lack of self-love

Another block in soulmate manifestation can be that you don’t fully love yourself. When you don’t love yourself, you are looking to get that love and validation from others rather than giving it to yourself. You might seek a partner to fill that void, whether it’s for sex or a relationship. By doing this, you make them your source of happiness and give them all that power over how you feel.

How much you love yourself, how you treat yourself and how much you respect yourself can set the tone for an entire relationship. When you lack self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance, you don’t have any boundaries in place – maybe because you don’t believe that you’re worthy of having them. It makes you prone to getting into toxic relationships, where someone can take advantage of that.

If you think about it, an abuser wouldn’t get into a relationship with a strong, independent, self-loving woman – because he knows that she wouldn’t accept or take any of his shit! It just wouldn’t be a vibrational match. It’s really easy to attract these kinds of relationships that are not your soulmate relationships when you lack self-love. That’s why self-acceptance and self-respect is so fucking important and I cannot stress it enough! Another really important thing you need to remember is that you will only accept love that aligns with the level of love you have for yourself.  I’m going to say it again…

You will only accept love that aligns with the level you love yourself! 

When someone starts loving you on a deeper level or starts loving you more than you love yourself, you will reject their love from a place of fear and unworthiness. This is exactly what leads to self-sabotage, and it’s why so many people sabotage their own relationships –  because of their subconscious beliefs that they are not worthy of love.

3. Trying to control it

The 3rd block is that you are pushing for a controlled outcome and you’re not enjoying what is “now”. One of the biggest things that delays manifestation is your need to control the situation, to control the outcome of what you desire to manifest. You want to be in control of everything, strategise it, plan it, control it – you want to be in full charge of this manifestation. Maybe you keep thinking about when it’s gonna happen, how it’s gonna happen, where it’s gonna happen.  All of this just delays the process. If it’s going to happen, you need to take a big step back and just relax. I know that it’s way easier said than done, but trust me – the key is to enjoy the present moment to the fullest, to love and accept where you are in your life right now. Even though it’s hard, even though all you want is to be in the arms of your soulmate, this step is necessary. Single life is such a beautiful time in your life to do the things you’ve always wanted to – to travel, to focus on yourself, and enjoy your own company.  

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